August 30, 2012

Wedding Sneak Peek: Pocket Schedules

As you may have figured out by now, I really like organization and planning. I like it mostly because it helps me to stress out A LOT less when I have a plan.

I have no doubt that despite any amazing planning tools I have under my belt, the day of the wedding, prior to the ceremony will be stressful in and of itself. However, I am taking every step possible to make it as least stressful as possible. One of the steps? A day-of pocket schedule for everyone in the bridal party!

I popped open InDesign and started playing around. Then, the pocket schedule was born. When I went to Office Depot yesterday to have other wedding-related signs printed, I had 25 of these guys printed as well. When I got home, I folded them to perfection. I'm not gonna lie - I'm pretty proud of these if you can't tell!

Each member of the bridal party, parents and grandparents will receive their own copy at the rehearsal dinner so they know the timeline of the day and where/when they are suppose to be there. I've already stuck mine in my day-of bag.

SPEAKING of my day-of bag, you should definitely check back next week for a post on what's in my day-of bag! It'll be the official LAST wedding sneak peek post before the big day! And no, I still have not written my vows...

UPDATE 7/22/13: If you would like to purchase these pocket schedules customized for you own wedding, please send an email to! Thanks!

See ya!
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