August 28, 2012

How To: Make a Rehearsal Bow-quet!

First, my sincere apologies for taking an unannounced, week-long hiatus! I've been way busier with the wedding planning than expected! Can you believe we are down to 10 days?! That said, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get up another post before the wedding - thus, another lengthy hiatus.

On the bright side, I've got a tutorial for you all today about how to make a bow-quet for the rehearsal from the ribbons and bows you've collected from your showers. With the bow-quet, it'll allow you to practice walking down the aisle and dealing with your bouquet after your at the altar.

To make yours, you will need your 1) ribbons and bows, 2) a paper plate, 3) scissors and 4) tape!

1. Take your paper plate and scissors and poke four holes in the plate like so.
2. Take one of your ribbons and string it through two diagonal holes. Then, tie on the underside of the plate.
3. And then through the other two diagonal holes making a "t" shape. Tie this ribbon to the underside of plate too.
4. Braid the ribbon ends together to make your bow-quet easier to hold.
5. Begin tying your bows and ribbons to the ribbon on the top side of the plate. If you cannot tie your bow or ribbon, use tape to adhere it down good. AND you're done!

Here is a peek at  mine!

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